The shelving you need when you’ve got some long bits to store

May 11, 2020 9:42 pm

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Sometimes you’ll find that you have some things that are just too big to put on regular shelving units. It would be dangerous to even try and use the regular type of shelving that you usually get so it is time to get in some Longspan Shelving.

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Longspan is a tighter framed construction for a greater sense of stability. This is because the items are usually of a bulkier nature. If you have a very large space to fill it might be an idea to look at using the longspan model as this will give you a greater degree of storage allowing you to have a variety of items to be used for storage.

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If you were to go to a warehouse it would not be an uncommon site to see rows and rows of longspan racking totally filling a space up. They can take cases of Wine, tinned goods, toilet rolls and toiletries. There is also the capacity to store raw materials for the manufacturing industry. These could be metals, chemicals or parts and technical details.

Longspan really is the answer for all your storage and racking needs. That’s one thing that you no longer have to be worried about.