How the formula function in excel can save you time

May 11, 2020 9:40 pm


Spreadsheets are the best way to tabulate data and you can input this directly into the spreadsheet or if you have PDF documents that contain price sheets, stock information or catalogues you can use the PDF to Excel conversion that is available at

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When it comes to analysing this information it is inevitable that some calculations will need to be made. This is where the formula function comes in and it is one that can save you time.

Auto Filling – when it comes to typing in consecutive dates or numbers there is no need to be press entering and typing it in across each row or column. YOu can simply type the first data or number that you need and then drag the bottom right of that cell across the row or column that you need and the data will autofill for you.

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Copied formulas – if you need a similar formula to be entered across a number of rows. For example to add up all the data in that column you can use the same idea as with auto filling. Simply enter the formula into the first cell and then drag the bottom right of this cell across the rows or columns that you need the similar formula to be completed in.