Were there any fashions in the 1990s?

May 7, 2020 4:32 pm


There was an enormous amount. It might not have had some of the flamboyant excesses from decades before but what the nineties had was a nice distillation of all the previous decades from the 50s onwards.  These best bits were merged and moulded with modernity. There were still staples like jeans, in both blue and black denim with black gaining huge popularity and Farah Shirts like those available from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah.

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The sense of fashion was driven by a widely diverse music field. Rock music sat alongside the new emergent Grunge scene. However it was, for the first time, ok to have a hip hop De La Soul poster next to one for the Charlatans.  You could be indie but were welcome at a Rave or Jungle gig and vice versa. As the Soup Dragons blend of psychedelic indie pop declared “I’m Free” the youth took it literally. This musical plurality allowed for fashion to shake of the shackles as well.

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Although there was an increase in the casual style the suits were very much in evidence. While the yuppie style of belt and braces was gone the suit went double breasted again and suddenly there were unused colours for the first time. Lincoln Green and Purple? Why not.