Interesting facts about the world of Alexander Fleming

May 11, 2020 5:23 pm


Alexander Fleming is one of the greats in our medical history. He was a scientist who attended medical school and studied the workings of the immune system and bacterial infections. His research led to early versions of the antibiotics that we use today to treat all sorts of things from sinus infections through to STIs like Chlamydia following a positive result from a Chlamydia Testing kits London company.

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Here are some interesting facts about the life and work of Alexander.

  • Fleming worked in the Royal Army Medical Corps in World War 1
  • He studied and researched the use of antiseptics on open wounds and was one of the first people to suggest the use of a saline solution to cleaning open wounds of varying sizes.

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  • He found that mucus that we naturally produce in our nasal cavity had the ability to fight bacteria that he had placed in a petri dish.
  • It was during a study of the Flu virus that he accidentally discovered that one of hte Petri dishes he was using had mold growing in it. He noticed that none of the bacteria that he had placed in the petri dish was growing around the area where the mold was.