Measuring how loud something  is

September 28, 2020 3:12 pm


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What is the loudest thing you’ve heard? Perhaps its jet plane or a firework explosion. Whatever it was it can be measured on how loud it was via the systems of Decibels. It might not register as en for the loudest you can hear but if you get noises from your boiler then you do not need a decibel meter you need the services of a Boiler Service Cheltenham based company and stop it from happening. Once that’s done let’s look at the decibel meter.


One of the best examples of a nature decibel meter is your own ears. The Ear is able to distinguish sounds very easily. Although it may get caught out at times it will soon let you know that something is far too loud. You might have heard the saying, “you could have heard a pin drop”. The Human ear is more than capable of hearing a pin drop and other things at the same time. It can even tell when there is more than one. What it cannot do is tell you how many pins have been dropped.

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Decibels or db can tell you the intensity of a certain type of noise and if it is going to damage you or not. For example something with a medium to high level will not damage you on a short term basis but long exposure will. The Victorian Milling machines of Quarry bank mill make so much noise that 10 minutes is all you can stand. Imagine having to work a twelve hour shift in it with no ear protection.