When retired have no fear, just volunteer!

February 2, 2021 3:54 am


You might think that when you finally decide to retire you can put your feet up and just sit around watching old movies all day long and drinking tea. You could indeed do that but you would possibly be wasting some of the greatest opportunities of your life. You have suddenly got a load of free time to use and the question is how will you spend it? If it seems like a daunting prospect of filling in the endless days fear not because help is at hand. So, lovely though it is to stay in your Park Homes like the ones available from http://www.parkhomelife.com/, there is a big wide world out there waiting for you to discover, again, and it starts with volunteering.

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Just think about all the wealth of knowledge and life experience you have gained over your working life. There’s a very good chance you’ve been at it for what 40 to 50 years? There are organisations just crying out for your expertise and stoic know-how. Not just that they could probably do with a pair of helping hands about the place even if they don’t need the expertise.

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For example two huge heritage institutions that run places on a shoestring budget in terms of personnel is that of the National Trust. Having just had to get rid of hundreds of paid staff the Trust would dearly like to utilise unpaid volunteers, they still pay some expenses, to help keep their historic properties that have been saved for the Nation open as much as possible. If they don’t grab your attention then what about English Heritage. They don’t have as many places as the Trust but they still need the volunteers to help them out.