What is product branding

February 2, 2021 3:56 am


Unlike the difficulties faced by those that are servicing branding, in theory at least, product branding is considerably easy. However at the end of the day it still looks to create the same response and result. It is the creation of a public forum around your product and a focus on the aesthetic that we look to promote in our work and working life. If you think about personal branding, and many do, some of the same concepts can be applied to the product side as well. We have to ask ourselves if we need help with this and What does a brand strategy agency do? Can be easily answered by the services of a good Brand Strategy Agency.

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Initially the point of product branding is to make the product strike a chord with the definite and the regular purchaser but also establish a link with those that have not so that they will purchase in the future.

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Your branding needs to hit the definite and the regular purchaser first and foremost. Almost emphasising  the fact that they do purchase your product as a lifechoice and a statement. Think about a divisive product like Marmite. Their brand is set around you either like it or you hate it. The “argument” over this forms a customer picture for them. They will never convince the haters and will use that to define the brand for those that love it. The other example is that of designer clothes like Ralph Lauren of Christian Dior. The purchase of these products compliment the personal brand that the customer is trying to promote for themselves.


Therefore your product brand needs to reflect them and support their choices in choosing your creation.