How to Make your Student Accommodation Feel Like Home

January 29, 2021 3:23 pm


Going to university for the first time is the first time for most people that they have had to live independently. This is both exciting and scary. There is a lot to think about – from educational things, to fun things to practical things that you will have never had to think about before and it can sometimes be a lot to take in!

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Most students live in special housing that caters specifically for them such as this Cheltenham student accommodation To begin with, it is perfectly normal to need some time to adjust to the new situation and the changes to life. One of the best ways to make yourself feel more comfortable and to help you to settle into your new accommodation is to make your own place feel more homely and personal. Here are some ways that you can do this easily…


Make it Cosy – Making a cosy and comfortable place that you can relax and rest in is important. Add cushions, throws and rugs to make the room instantly appear more inviting and feel more like home.

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Personalise – Making a place yours is easy – add things that are special to you. You can do this by putting up pictures and photos that you love and adding ornaments that you may have brought from home or bought when you moved in that give you pleasure.


Surround yourself with Scent – Making a place smell nice can really help to settle in. Scented candles and incense are a great idea, and if you are missing the smell of home, why not bring something with you like a favourite blanket to snuggle up in at night?