The strange tale of Britains and Beer

September 27, 2021 12:14 pm


The creation of beer is certainly one that has its twists and turns. It is a drink that has been with us since the first civilisations began to settle. In fact the laws of Hammurabi, the first rule of Babylon lay down specific rules regarding its creation. It still remains the third most popular drink in the world after coffee and tea. It is, ultimately, just another way of flavouring water. It was first created by using the fermentation of cereals.

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One of the side effects of this fermentation process was the production of ethanol which is effectively alcohol. Hammirabi’s code lays down the rules for the creation of beer but you can bet that he would have agreed with it’s storage at a Bonded warehouse first. Modern Bonded warehouses are able to store huge amounts and Bonded Warehouse Management Software like that from can offer excellent protection and management.

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Beer production in Britain is a quite convoluted tale. Although it, and ale, has always been seen as an adult masculine drink this was not always the case. It was common to serve it as a drink to children in some all male schools regardless of age as a mid morning refreshment from medieval times. It was primarily brewed by women. It was one of the many tasks that women were expected to do as part of the house upkeep.

This all came to an end when large corporations looked to produce the drink. The creation of public houses meant that the pub was the only place to get a beer and to chat with friends. Public demand for beer shot up as more and more people visited the pubs and enjoyed spending time with other locals and friends.