What Does a Building Survey Look For?

April 7, 2021 2:59 pm


There is a lot to be said about what a building survey looks for when it comes to the actual structure of a building. Building surveys can vary greatly in their scope, depending on what they are being undertaken for and who is conducting them. A building survey is usually undertaken by an engineer who is hired by the developer to inspect and identify problems in the building’s construction, so that they may rectify these problems before construction commences. Whilst this sounds like good news, there are many things that don’t necessarily come into play in a building survey. Here we’ll examine some of the things a building survey might not check for. If you need one done then the Building Survey Chelmsford experts Sam Conveyancing are the people to call,

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For example, many people assume that a building survey is only concerned with the roof. This is not true, but if the roof is faulty or isn’t looking as described, this could be a valid point. However, checking the tiles for cobwebs, and inspecting the edge coatings of the walls is a very important part of any roofing inspection, and should be thoroughly looked into – both by the engineer and the client. A building survey should also consider any dampness issues, including issues arising from condensation on pipes and heating systems, leaking roofs, and structural stability.

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Another thing that most people don’t realise is that building surveys aren’t solely for major construction companies, and that there is a huge range of companies who can carry out them..