Six Ways To Stage Your Property

September 24, 2020 1:37 pm


When we sell our homes, we want to get the best possible price. One way to do that, and something done very well in show homes, is to ‘stage’ the home and to sell an idea of lifestyle as well as the property itself.

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There is lots of information on selling a house available, though if you want our top tips for staging, read on and learn how to help potential buyers visualise themselves with your home as theirs. And if you need more, check out possibly the best online site for information on selling a house.

1. Remove Yourself

We don’t mean literally, although it can help to leave viewings to a professional agent. We mean you should take away your style and present a ‘blank canvas’ to allow buyers to picture their own style in the space.

2. Declutter

Be honest with yourself about the ‘stuff’ that you really need. You might have removed your personal items from view, but would you be comfortable if a potential buyer opened a cupboard door? Having enough storage space is a key factor in many buyers’ wishlists.

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3. Clean And Tidy

It should go without saying that you must make sure your home is clean before you have the estate agent take photos for particulars, and certainly before you start having potential buyers round for viewings. People will assume that routine maintenance is not up to scratch if they can see dirt and mess. Don’t just stop at the front door, either; make sure your outside space is also tidy otherwise first impressions might already have been made, even before you open the front door.

4. Colours

Many people find it very difficult to look beyond the décor you have in place so the key is often to keep palettes as neutral as possible so your property appeals to the highest number of groups possible.

5. Move The Furniture

Think about the space you have and how you use it, then consider how someone else might use the space differently. Arrange your furniture for that scenario.

6. Seek Professional Help

If you’re still unsure about how to stage your home to get the biggest return on your investment, consider hiring a professional to complete a full or partial redecoration.

Don’t forget that some people wait a long time to sell their home, so don’t make it soul-less for the remaining time you’re there.