What Type of Patient Lifts Are Available?

May 28, 2022 6:32 am


Several types of patient lifts are available. Pool lifts, for example, are meant to raise and lower patients in and out of water, for example. They are commonly used in public pools, hot tubs, baths and physio pools. Pool lifts can be either deck-mounted or portable, and some are wheeled away for storage. When shopping for patient lifts, you may run into confusing terminology. Use this guide to identify the type you need for your patient.

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Most patient lifts feature a sling, which holds the weight of the patient while suspending them in the air. They are made of woven nylon or cotton and resemble modern hammocks. Some slings are padded and have knee support, while others do not. The sling can be used to elevate a patient in a semi-reclined seating position. Find all sorts of aids including Walking Aids at a site like Ability Superstore

Some lifts are designed specifically for wheelchair or mobility scooter users in retail stores and public buildings, for example. Hoists are also available for those with disabilities to be placed into and out of beds in hospitals and care facilities.

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Another type of patient lift is known as a sit-to-stand lift. It is used for patients who are limited in their ability to stand. It uses a sling that goes around the patient’s girth and under their arms. This allows the patient to stand and bear some of his own weight when standing. Those who are unable to stand or walk unassisted are often the best candidates for this type of lift.