How a property inventory can benefit tenants

May 26, 2020 4:18 pm


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A property inventory is often thought of as being a measure by which landlords and their Letting Agency Gloucester way can keep an eye on the items that are included in the property rental. Whilst, this is correct, it is also a way in which the tenants can be protected. By having an inventory of items and the condition of the property and any appliances recorded before the tenancy begins and then again after it ends a tenant can be sure that any monies given in a deposit will be protected.

Here are some ways in which the inventory can benefit the tenants.

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Issues resolved – Any problems with furnished items or the property can be highlighted before your tenancy starts and annually so that any issues can be quickly and easily dealt with.

Deposit protected – Having a clear outline of what items and the property condition was at the start of the tenancy helps to give you assurances that as long as you keep the items in good condition that at the end of your tenancy your deposit will be returned to you in full without any claims being made against it.

Less disputes – By having clear descriptions and photographic evidence of inventory items, tenants can be assured that any disputes can be dealt with in a fair, consistent and simple manner to be resolved quickly.