How to Keep Staff Feeling Good During Tough Times

May 27, 2020 7:00 am


Times are tough for businesses all over the world right now and keeping staff morale high is really important in all businesses. At times like these when employees are worried about their future, their health and their finances to name but a few things, how can employers keep their employees feeling motivated and valued?

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Recognising and acknowledging the role that each employee plays in the company is really important. This doesn’t have to be financial, a cake, a card, (or a cake card!) or even telling them what a good job they are doing and how much you appreciate it can do so much for someone.

Keep Communicating – Whether you have started to head back into the office or have staff still working from home, keeping communication lines open and being in regular contact is essential to keep all staff working well as a team, and to update the staff on any company news or new policies going forwards. Listen to staff feedback as well and invite input from members of staff.

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Continue to train staff and help them to achieve more. Using the skills that they have explore any new roles that they may be able to take on. Also, getting an external training company to do some staff training and even hiring someone to do some motivational speaking, such as keynote speaker UK based Jamie McDonald, who will lift spirits and staff morale in these difficult times.

Be understanding of the employee’s work/life balance and other commitments that they may have such as young children or elderly parents. Particularly at these difficult times when childcare is not so readily available, a degree of flexibility may be needed with some employees.