Tips For Safe Driving

July 27, 2021 4:41 am


Tips for safe driving include avoiding distractions, slowing down when appropriate, following the rules of the road, being alert, and being courteous to other drivers on the road. Distractions can include using a phone or other electronic device while driving, talking on the phone, using the stereo or other car audio system, reading or watching a traffic or weather channel, and anything else that might cause distraction. Speeding is the cause of most traffic accidents because drivers don’t stop and look at the road before changing lanes. Using phones and other electronic devices while driving increases driver distraction and reduces attentiveness.

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The single most common and leading cause of traffic fatalities and injuries is the failure to obey the speed limit sign. Speeding makes a collision eight times more likely. Drinking and driving account for 32 percent of traffic fatalities. Injuries resulting from unsafe driving include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, broken bones, and many other problems. Always be wary of roadworks and road workers. Keep an eye out for Chapter 8 chevrons on such vehicles. For more information, visit PVL UK

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When wearing seat belts, the occupants of a vehicle are better protected in case of an accident. Seat belts also help protect drivers in the event of an accident by absorbing the shock of the collision and redirecting it to the belt itself, minimizing or eliminating the chance of serious injury or permanent disability. Unfortunately, seat belts do not prevent non-emergency roadside assistance traffic violations, which account for nearly one in five total traffic fatalities and injuries.