Tips for choosing your windows

January 5, 2021 12:54 pm


There are many reasons that people choose to change their windows. From old worn out styles through to broken glass and in effective seals. Whatever your reasons for contacting a Double Glazing Hereford company such as Firmfix there are a number of things that you should consider when looking at new windows.

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In that room, what job does the window do? Does it offer a great view or let light in – or do you want privacy? You will be driven by the answer to these questions as to which type of window to select. In certain locations, toughened glass may be needed.

Design Styleings

Different homes need different treatments for windows: for instance, leaded panes look out of place on a very modern home. Think about your property and what kind of style will suit it and you best.

It doesn’t have to be white

Even UPVC frames come in different colours, but you’ll want to think about their colour and that of the mullions, whichever type of frame you pick, as all this has a significant effect on the final look.

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The Fresh Air

Not all windows are open, so consider whether or not ventilation is required for that part of the room. It is wise to offer yourself options for the summer height – tiny panes that can give a light breeze or completely open panes.


Some window types will look inside and out differently – outside maybe metal and inside wood. Think about how the window would relate to the look of the space, even if you choose plain PVC.

Opening needed

Sash windows are the traditional type of panes that move up and down, but more modern options are available, including hinged, double hung and awning, which offer more flexibility.