How to Manage Difficult Employees

June 4, 2020 1:01 pm


As a manager, you will know that some members of staff can be more difficult to manage than others. These staff members take up most of a manager’s time, time that could be spent on other things. Some employees are struggling because they may be going through a difficult time or dealing with some other problems. Some however are very difficult to manage and also spread their bad behaviour around the office, which can quickly have a huge negative effect on morale.

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When it comes to motivating some people, they can respond well to team activities or from someone like this motivational speaker UK based adventure man Jamie McDonald . But some people just don’t seem to respond to any of the usual things.

The first thing a manager should try to do in this situation is find out if the person who is causing problems has anything else going on. I t may be that they are having a difficult time at home, such as going through a divorce and the stress is showing up in their behaviour. Being understanding to this situation, and suggesting or offering options that may help, such as flexible working or referrals to counselling may well help the person to become more motivated at work.

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Some people may not have anything going on, they may just be unhappy in their work and bringing everyone else down to, or just the sort of people that cause drama and problems wherever they go. It is up to the manager to sit them down and tell them what sort of an effect their behaviour is having on people. Sometimes, people who behave in this way do not realise they are doing it.

Of course, if you have exhausted every avenue, there is also the option of removal of perks, missing out on a promotion or even firing the person if they continue to conduct themselves poorly.