Facts you may not know about divorce

April 30, 2020 5:47 pm


We often hear in the media that more and more couples are getting divorced and it seems like celebrity relationships end quicker than they started but are these reports actually true? A Family Law Gloucester company will certainly see a number of clients each year but what other facts do we know about divorce in the Uk as a whole?

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It is in fact thought that the number of couples getting divorced has been stable since around 2008 at around 10.8 couples per 1000 married couples.

The average age for individuals getting divorced is 44 for menand 42 for women. This age has been slowly increasingly over the last few decades and continues to slowly increase.

This links in with the statistic relating to the average length of marriage before divorce which has also increased to 11.5 years, compared to 8.8 years back in 1985.

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There are a number of reasons that couples decide to end their relationship. The number of couples citing adultery as the reason has decreased over the last few years with only 14% being granted on this basis back in 2012, compared to 35% in 1987.

If you are interested in more statistics on relationships you can do this on the Office forĀ  National Statistics.