What is a responsive website?

August 26, 2020 4:23 pm


If you are new to website terminology, you may have come across the term ‘responsive website’ and wondered what that meant? The following short guide looks at this innovative advance in website management.

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A short definition of a responsive website

A responsive website has been designed so it will adapt, automatically, to any screen size a visitor is using to access that website, from large desktop computer monitors to 10″ tablets or smartphones. Basically, a little bit of magic happens behind the scenes and seamlessly sorts out layout, images, embedded videos and typography, so that websites will adapt, with ease, to whatever screen the visitor chooses to use. It detects the screen size of the user and doesn’t differentiate between operating systems such as, iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry, with no loss of clarity. So visitors to responsive websites can share the site with their contacts, who will then have exactly the same experience with that website. Responsive websites tend to load faster than a mobile website, which means visitors are more than likely to stay on the site, as it is a better experience for them.

Are there benefits?

Responsive websites will be visible across a wider audience. Many people, especially amongst the younger demographic, are choosing to conduct their social and economic lives or business affairs entirely through their smartphones. Not everyone restricts themselves to a desktop computer. With constant advances in design and technology, the advantages of using smartphones and tablets are quickly outweighing the traditional desktop computer. So through using responsive website technology, it makes the online experience easier for those who enjoy a more ‘mobile’ life. There are benefits for website owners too, because with just one website hosting to manage, there is less maintenance work, whilst the site has a greater reach. Not forgetting that search engines love to find responsive websites, which could result in a rise in rankings.

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How to get one?

It would make sense to source a responsive website through a specialist web hosting provider from the outset. But an existing mobile or desktop computer website can be converted to responsive website technology.

So as you have probably now realised, you have more than likely already been on a responsive website, and used one without knowing it! That is the beauty of responsive websites – a little bit of alchemy on the web.