The first TV’s were not much to get excited about

September 7, 2020 3:43 pm


As we sit in front of our glorious High definition flat screen colour TV it’s hard to imagine that the first ones were the size of a cabinet. Not only that, to own a TV was seen as quite a vulgar thing to do so there were two little doors in the cabinet designed to hide it away. It was much more the done thing to show off the record player and radio combo. In many cases the TV was tacked in as an add on. As the system ran on the temperamental analogue waves the TV Aerial was a vital component to actually receive a picture and sound in the first place. This is still true today and One Vision is the main company to go to for TV Aerial Installation Swansea area and beyond.

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No bigger than a radio the first TV’s for home use appeared in the early 1940’s. The second world war had created a need for immediate news coverage that went beyond the newspapers and Pathe news in the cinema. The RCA 630-Ts.was the first proper commercial available TV. It was very small and the picture was in Black and white. The other to come out was the Bush TV-12. It could only get one pre programmed channel.

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In the UK the market was dominated by John Logie Baird. He was one of the founding Fathers of television and the BBC were quick to use his systems and machines. These were the huge cabinets that took up good part of the room with a screen barely bigger than a square dinner plate.