Choosing the Right Bowling Ball

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Choosing the right bowling ball

Bowling balls come in a variety of different sizes, weights and compositions, and all these factors can affect your strike. From lighter balls that allow subtle yet hard-hitting strikes to those that allow aggressive runs, every ball offers something different.

Selecting a bowling ball that suits your style is essential, especially if you are taking the sport seriously and want to ensure optimum results from every strike. A serious bowler will tell you that the ball they use makes a huge difference to their game and can be the tipping point between a losing and winning strike.

When choosing a bowling ball, these tips will help you select one that is just right for you.

Choose a ball that matches your style

Whilst we all dream of being bowlers who can knock down all the pins in one powerful strike, the reality is that we all have different techniques. Finding a ball that suits your technique will better your game and aid accuracy and consistency.

Chat to other bowlers

With bowling becoming popular with all age groups you can easily chat to others who have a similar style to yours. By finding out what they look for in a ball or even trying out their preferred options you can learn a lot about what will suit you. When trying out a bowling ball it is a good idea to test the weight, swing it back and forth several times and ensure you are completely comfortable with the grip.

Look at the professionals’ balls

By watching the professionals and working out what balls they use, you can pick up a few pointers about which option will best suit you. If you buy bowling balls from professional companies you will have access to the same options that the professionals use and can choose a weight and material that is suited to your requirements. Reading reviews will also help you to make a decision about which ball is best.

Check your lane conditions

With bowling alleys opening up absolutely everywhere, including in some offices, it is a great idea to assess the lane conditions of the establishments you frequent to help you to select the right ball.

Once you have found a ball you like, your game should improve and your strike rate increase.