What is Soil Remediation

May 28, 2020 3:51 pm


The earth beneath our feet is vital to our very existence. It produces the food that we eat, holds the buildings that we live in and is the very essence of our earth. There are times when we need to restore land back to optimal levels and Soil Remediation Services from companies like Soilfix is needed. But what is Soil Remediation?

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Soil Remediation is a way in which hazard materials and chemicals are removed from an area of land to make it safe for use again. There are a number of ways in which coils can become polluted with natural items, chemical compounds that then lead to toxicity levels in the soil and relating to building works.

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It is important for these to be removed so that the land can be used again in a safe way. There are a number of ways in which the soil can be remediated including soil washing, incineration, excavation, capping, composting, chemical extraction and many many more. The method used will depend on what the original contaminant is as well as the proposed usage of the land following the remediation works.

If you are interested in the land science behind this you can find some great research papers online.