What is your Unique Selling Point

May 28, 2020 1:59 pm


If you run your own business you have probably come across the phrase unique selling point of USP to look at the way in which your business is different from the others that operate in the same business market and industry as you do. It is a term that a Brand Strategy Agency will use when helping you to develop your overall business branding. Really Helpful Marketing brand strategy agency  will help you to identify what your USPs are and how to use them successfully to build your brand and across your marketing platforms.

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Here are some of the ways in which you can find out what your USPs are:

  • Look at your business from your customers point of view – this means putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and then looking at the journey that they have with your business right from browsing through your store or online shop to the aftercare that they receive. By looking at it from this perspective you can try to avoid falling into the trap of thinking the online reason people choose or don’t choose your business over others is down to pricing.

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  • Motivation – these means looking at what motivates your clients to buy the items that you offer. It is a necessary or luxury purchase and how might they make the decision to buy?
  • Ask your customers – the best way to get the answers as to why a customer bought from you and not a competitor is to ask them!