Why We Love Detective Stories

January 25, 2021 3:59 pm


Why do we love detective stories? It’s one of those inexplicable questions we wonder about when a new story comes along that seems to intrigue us. We love to hear the sleuths at work, tracking down a criminal or someone who has evaded the law. Whether it’s a murder mystery, a haunted house, or even a small town secret, we find it intriguing to know that the people involved have gone into the dark and got away with it. We have all heard stories about the perils of villains being out there, but how often have we ever really thought about what it would be like to be a sleuth ourselves?

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These stories leave us craving the thought of someone else on the other side of the investigation, asking our favourite questions. They’re not always about crimes committed by the criminal, but about the search for something we don’t understand. They can also be about the strange and often unexplainable circumstances surrounding a death or accident. Often the reason we love these stories is that they’re true. They’re about something we can relate to and understand, even if at times we don’t fully understand everything. Solve your own mystery with a Private Detective London at https://isg-investigations.co.uk/

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It may not always make sense when you read about these things, but there is a charm to them that makes them so thrilling. We’ve all heard incredible stories of crimes and what the criminals did to get away with it, but what we all really want is to be a part of those acts, to solve the mystery and find out what happened. That’s part of why we love detective stories.