Guide to TV Aerial Installation

August 24, 2021 5:51 pm


Installing a TV Aerial is not something that you should do yourself. There is a very good reason for this. To get a decent digital signal the Aerial will need to be placed very high on the property. It should probably go with saying that getting out onto the roof of your property is not a wise idea. This is where you would turn to a TV Aerial installation Bristol based company like Aerial Installations Bristol.

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It requires the use of specialist equipment. This is not limited to just extendable ladders that can reach up to the highest points. This may well involve cherry pickers where small platforms are extended up to the heights of the roof tops. Leaning out of a top window and trying to screw the thing into the side of the house is really not an option.

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In the past this was something of the only option. This was because you could buy a small metal and plastic based aerial that you plugged directly into the back of a television set. These were the days of the dear old analogue waves.  Unfortunately this did involve wandering around the living room trying to find a decent reception. Sadly this did not always involve the simple placement of the aerial on top of the television itself. Many Mums and Dad’s found themselves desperately trying to balance the thing on top of something flat so that the kids could watch the latest edition of Bagpuss.

The modern generation should be very grateful for the digital age.