Creating the perfect park home garden

August 28, 2020 5:20 pm


Owning a park home brings many benefits, including a relaxed way of life, and living in a friendly and welcoming community.

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Park home owners, can have the best of both worlds, often having large open spaces on their doorstep, while also having their own small garden to nurture and enjoy.

Water Features

Water features can work, even in a small garden and bring a sense of calm and beauty to an outdoor space. Using a water pump, plants such as primulas and ferns can thrive.

Woodland Themes

Why not take inspiration from the woodland for your park home garden. As long as you have a shady area, bluebells and other wild plants can bring a touch of colour, especially in the spring months.


A traditional rockery includes large rough stones, with soil scattered in between and small flowering rock plants planted strategically to offer a bed of raised colour. They are easy to maintain and can be any size.

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If you like cooking, or simply enjoy the smell of fresh herbs, having your own small herb garden can bring colour and aroma to any garden. These can also be grown in raised beds, or wooden plant boxes.

Outdoor Eating

A great British tradition is cooking outdoors during the summer months, so remember to make space for a BBQ. Some park homes will have rules and regulations relating to outdoor cooking, so always check before investing.

Outdoor Seating

The choice of outdoor seating varies widely in cost and style. Wiltshire park homes offer private garden space which can be enjoyed all year round, so shop around for a look which suits your budget and needs.


If you are looking for inspiration, why not opt for a theme such as a Japanese garden. Using simple, clean designs and philosophical ideas such as lanterns and pebbles, you can enjoy the serenity of outdoor space whenever you like.

Cottage Garden

Using large terracotta pots, with trailing colourful plants and flowers, will give your park home garden a cottage feel, as well as attract wildlife. Locations such as Blunsdon Abbey park homes are perfect for this style garden.


If you are a fan of garden ornaments, there are a wide range to choose from, Whether it’s gnomes, bird baths or sun dials, you can personalise your garden and give it character and personality.