Bring Nature Into your Home this Spring

February 10, 2022 5:42 pm


It is a known fact that spending time with nature is beneficial to our mood. If you want to introduce that more natural feeling to your home, here are some things that you can do…

Natural Materials – A good way to have nature closer to you in your home is to opt for more natural materials. Wicker and wood furniture are making a comeback, as people turn away from man made materials, and the metals that were previously popular. As well as furniture, natural fabrics like cotton and silks are great for your home – and your hair! Silk pillowcases are becoming increasingly popular with those who want to improve the health of their hair.

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Natural Flooring – Flooring that feels natural is a great way to change up a room and bring in that more natural look. Flooring that is hardwearing and tough like this laminate wood flooring is a great choice, especially if you have a busy household, children and pets and want to have something that is easy to clean and maintain and looks good as new for many years.

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Natural Colours – Colours for the home have started to be more inspired by nature. Think of the warmer neutrals like stone and even magnolia. As well as this, soft greens and yellows are great for bringing that cheerful yet relaxed feeling to your home, taking inspiration from the beautiful spring colours that are appearing now.