Benefits of Installing a Water Feature in Your Garden

April 20, 2022 7:14 am


There are numerous benefits of installing a water feature in your garden. For starters, water features attract a variety of wildlife. Birds, butterflies, frogs, and other creatures find water sources essential for their survival. Large ponds can even support a diverse ecosystem. Depending on the size and shape, water features add movement and beauty to your garden. Many other animals will also flock to a water feature to drink, feed, and rest.

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Besides producing relaxing noise, water features are effective at filtering the air. The water’s negative ions attract dust particles and filters the air. Another benefit is that water features act as a focal point for gatherings. People naturally gravitate toward water and are prone to bond with those around it. While this is a simple benefit, the benefits of installing a water feature are even more beneficial for people who experience anxiety, depression, and other mental and physical health problems.

Installing a water feature in your garden can also increase the value of your home. A recent study conducted by Psychology Today revealed that a water feature increased property value. Additionally, homeowners have reported reduced stress levels and decreased risk of depression. The multisensory experience created by a water feature is relaxing and therapeutic. Water features can be a valuable addition to your home. However, keep in mind that buyers might be concerned about the maintenance required and might not purchase a property with one.

Always ensure a water feature with running water is installed by a professional. If any problems with pipes or drainage are discovered, you might need to consider CCTV Drainage Surveys from a site like

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In addition to enhancing the beauty of your landscape, water features can also be an excellent accent for your garden style. If you’re planning a large landscape, installing a water feature can help to accent the overall look. Water features can even be a great drinking fountain for your pet. They keep pets cool during the hot summer months and allow them to spend more time outdoors. And, when you’re done, the water feature will double as an oasis for birds, squirrels, and other wildlife.

Among the benefits of a water feature are improved air quality and reduced noise pollution. Furthermore, they release a steady stream of negative ions that have been linked to stress relief. Researchers found that exposure to negative ions reduced pathological signs of stress in rats. They suggest that these benefits will offset the harmful effects of air pollution.