A Beginners Guide to Starting your own Greenhouse

August 20, 2020 7:06 pm


If the recent beautiful summer weather and having to stay at home the last few months has meant that you have caught the gardening bug, then you may be interested in having your own greenhouse.

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Popular amongst gardeners, but if you have never had one before where do you begin? Do you decide what you want to grow? Do you contact people for materials such as these glass suppliers Bristol based Roman Glass? Here are a few basics about starting a greenhouse so that you can make a success of it…

Research what conditions and temperatures the plants you want to grow require. Some require different levels of moisture – just because they are all in a greenhouse doesn’t mean that all plants can be treated equally.

For beginners, there are some plants that are easier to care for in a greenhouse than others. If you fancy some home grown veg, lettuce, tomatoes and peas are all good plants that will thrive in a greenhouse. For plants, kids might enjoy growing sunflowers, or start off some poppy seeds in the greenhouse so you can plant them out in the late spring.

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Although your greenhouse is a great way to trick plants into thinking that they are in a different climate, you still may need to do a little work to help. Purchasing greenhouse lighting, or a heating system especially designed for greenhouses that you can use in the winter months is a good idea.