Careers in the Current Climate

May 29, 2020 1:35 pm


Anyone leaving school this year will be facing a huge amount of uncertainty. With all of the schools now closed and exams cancelled, it is hard to see what the future will look like for the kids of the class of 2020.

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Many are feeling upset at the moment at the fact that they have been denied that final year in school, their ‘rites of passage’ such as proms and exams and the feeling of looking forward to a new exciting future is looking pretty bleak right now.

But there are a lot of careers that school leavers may notice now more than ever will be great to pursue. As we can see there are many people helping the country and keeping the world turning at the moment that may serve as an inspiration to school leavers.

Nursing – Nursing is a great job to get into, as you can see in the current climate how badly society will always need nurses. Maths and Science are both important qualifications and you will be required to attend university. A caring personality is obviously equally important as qualifications in this line of work!

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Elderly Care – With an aging population in our country, there are a huge number of elderly people in need of additional care. This can be in care homes or live in care in the persons home such as this live in care Bath based company  it depends on the level of needs that they have. There are great ways to access this kind of work, and many people take a course alongside working so they learn the job as they go along.

Delivery Driver – Deliveries are the backbone of the economy and how our goods are transported from one place to another – from small online orders to huge corporate supply chains, it is the delivery drivers that keep this system going. Gaining a driving license and a HGV license (many companies will offer to train their drivers and pay for the necessary qualifications as well) is a great way to earn a living, especially if you want to be out and about.