Looking After People Struggling with Working at Home

February 5, 2021 4:39 pm


Although none of us can meet up in person at the moment, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to socialise at all. Humans are social creatures by nature and a lack of social contact is hard for many people, especially people who live alone or who are usually quite socially active people.

Some people enjoy working from home and do not have any problem with it but for many it can be a much bigger problem and something that they struggle with.

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If you are an employer, making sure that your staff are happy and feeling mentally well is important so you should make sure that staff are encouraged to speak to somebody professional if they are struggling – there may be a line manger or HR rep that could help with this.


Motivating the team at this time is difficult and it is common for many people to feel unmotivated whilst working from home. There are lots more distractions at home and many people also thrive in a busy bustling workplace and have found adjusting to home working incredibly difficult.

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Incentives and rewards such as cakes to all staff on a Friday are great ways to keep motivation high, and you can also make sure that plenty of team bonding still happens virtually. There are companies such as this events agency Dublin based Davis events https://davisevents.ie/ who will be able to help you to hold a virtual event for your company and get all the staff together.