What You Should Know About Car Maintenance

May 5, 2021 4:53 am


Car maintenance or service is a short series of scheduled maintenance processes carried out regularly, usually after the car has gone some distance or been on a long trip. It includes all tests, checks, replacements and overhauls carried out to ensure that the car as a whole is in top condition, working perfectly. There are more sophisticated ways such as in the case of a GPS vehicle tracking system, where the car’s position and speed can be monitored remotely through a wireless device.

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A regular car maintenance schedule should always include the mileage as a primary item. This means that the mechanic should measure the distance covered by the vehicle each time he makes a check or rectifies an issue. This will help him to establish a reasonable mileage for the car, thus enabling him to calculate the approximate duration that the vehicle should be driven on and estimate how much it will cost to keep it in good shape during its operational life. If there are any problems such as excessive wear and tear or any serious fault that requires immediate attention, the mechanic should prioritise the repairs and work on them as soon as possible. You will want to make sure you have any of these issues sorted by the time you visit a Gloucester MOT company such as Swiftfit for your car’s annual MOT.

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During the maintenance procedure, the engine is checked to determine its oil level and also to know how many times the oil has been changed. All loose and missing parts on the engine such as the oil filter and gaskets are replaced, as well as the hoses and connections.