What is Involved in Highway Maintenance?

February 19, 2021 6:24 am


When a section of highway is undergoing maintenance or repair, the first step involved is to prepare the area requiring maintenance or repair and then to mark or warn the drivers regarding any changes that will affect the right of way. Once this has been completed the next step involves the actual repairs.

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The main activities involved in maintenance include inspections of the highway, marking and signs, maintaining bridges and guardrails, as well as road work such as installation of storm drains and new median strips. At certain times of the year there may also be snow removal, and the physical structure of the roadway may need to be replaced due to damage or deterioration. Additionally, if a crash occurs, emergency maintenance workers will often come to the scene and will inspect the roadway, which may involve new signage or emergency pavement markings. For more information on Chapter 8 requirements, visit a site like PVL UK, providers of Chapter 8 vehicle chevrons.

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The maintenance workers will have to file any necessary reports or documents related to the repairs that are performed. These include information about the amount of time that was spent repairing the roadway, any required work still needed, photos of any affected areas, and any sketches or photos of potential damaged or unsightly spots. It is always best for any workers to consult their employer before beginning any job and make sure that all paperwork and requirements have been met.