The specialist that all Landlords need to call.

April 28, 2020 2:27 pm


Something of a forgotten professional but nevertheless very important in the whole world of renting is that of the inventory clerk. The provision of an Inventory clerk is one that usually falls into what the letting agent can provide or you can hire one yourself. Why do you actually need one when surely you can just look around the place yourself? There is a very good reason why you have to have one.

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It’s all about the deposit both for you and for the prospective tenant to be. You want to protect your investment and they will need it for when they move on to the next place, if they ever do. Remember you can only earn money from a place when someone is in it. To ensure fair play and impartially as to whether the deposit should be returned falls to the starting and concluding report of the Inventory clerk. They are under orders to produce an easily accessible report that all can read and understand.

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The reasons for the Inventory clerk is that it was felt that some Landlords (by no means all) were keeping the deposit for very scant reasons. For example, a slight scuff on the walls was used to justify a full redecoration .