The different types of Flu Virus

July 30, 2020 4:09 pm


Flu is a common disease and thoroughly unpleasant but there are a lot of different types. Even when we hear of an outbreak of seasonal flu, it can still be one of several different viruses circulating at any one time. Here are some of the most common flu virus:

Seasonal flu

This is a type of flu that circulates for several months each year and varies depending on where in the world you are. Seasonal flu can be one or all of the three main types of influenza – A, B or C. If you want to help in the struggle to find a more effective treatment for diseases like flu, consider taking part in Paid Clinical Trials at a site like

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Influenza A

Type A influenza is the most common type that causes seasonal outbreaks. It occurs in both people and animals and can be spread by people who are already infected touching items, from being close to someone who is infected and through sneezes or coughs. Influenza A is further separated into sub-sets, including strains N and H, and there are even subsets of those strains!

Influenza B

It is another virus that is responsible for many outbreaks worldwide yearly. It only appears in humans and can be very dangerous, although technically not as severe as Type A. It does not cause a pandemic, and while there are different strains of the virus, it is not broken down into different subtypes.

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Influenza C

It is the only other human virus that is less severe than type A and B. Patients may complain of mild respiratory problems. Type C does not cause pandemics and symptoms are close to those of a cold.