Different Types of Conveyors

August 5, 2020 4:31 pm


There are different types of conveying systems for various purposes. One of the major reasons why people use conveyor systems is that they enable ease of transport on a large scale, thus saving time and money for a range of businesses. However, there are still other types of conveyors that are more advanced and can be used for a variety of different purposes. Here are some of these types of conveyors, and their main purpose in the conveyor industry:

– Pallet system: This is a type of conveyor that allows the loading and unloading of pallets from one area to another. The pallets are attached to the sides of the moving platform and then the pallets are placed on the top and bottom of the moving platform, which allows the pallets to move up and down the system as required. If the pallets are large, they may be stacked in several rows.

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-Pneumatic conveyor: These are used for transporting granular or powder materials and are popular in the food, chemical, pet food and beverage industries. The systems are also highly flexible and can be installed around existing equipment. For more information on Vacuum conveying, visit a site like Aptech, specialists in pneumatic conveyors such as Vacuum conveying.

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– Belt conveyor: These are one of the simplest of conveyor designs. They are used in a huge variety of different industries. They can be adapted by width and height, set up on an incline and designed for extra heavy loads.