A stroll around Bath

December 16, 2020 4:31 am


The City of Bath in Somerset is one of the most interesting to wander around. In fact it has such a famous skyline and due to its location you can even walk around the outside of it via a path laid out by the National Trust. However, to get a full impression of the place you really need to invest in some proper Walking Maps from https://www.themapshop.co.uk/Explorer_Walking_Maps.htm  to guide you around the city and surrounding countryside.The Bath Skyline walk, starting and ending at the world famous race course, is one of the most impressive and takes in all the Georgian and Edwardian splendour that the city offers.

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The city itself is also definitely worth a wander. One good idea is to have a route that then takes you around the city sights ending in a path that takes you down Prior Park Road out of the City that leads you to  another National Trust property Prior Park.

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The city has so much to see its possibly unlikely that you might not even get to Priors Park in the first place! Using the walking map you’ll be able to make sure that you get too see all the famous sites such as the Pulteney Bridge with it’s arcadin frontage that looks like it would be at home in Venice. There is the weir that clears the fast flowing River Avon which also provides a source to the Roman Baths, still very much intact and in use. Next to that is the Tea rooms and then there is the renowned Bath theatre Royal and Abbey to see. All through the city are examples of Georgian architecture and Edwardian buildings that really inspire.