Cutting the Wimbledon lawn courts

September 30, 2020 4:43 am


Although, sadly, they haven’t been called in to use this year some of the most well maintained bits of grass in the country is the tennis courts of the Lawn Tennis Association at Wimbledon. There is no more prestigious event in tennis than Wimbledon. It is one of the sports oldest competitions and the one that all the pro’s want to win at some point in their career. It is unusual in that it is played on grass and generally outdoors. Most other tournaments are played on hardcourts and indoors. Wimbledon is outside and on grass, although ever since Cliff Richard started singing one year when it rained the organisers have had the sense to put on a movable roof over centre court.

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This surface creates issues for many of the games players. So much so that the preliminary event at Queens Club usually sees a few of them enter to get acclimated to playing on grass. The surface can be great leveller and there have been more than a few upsets down through the decades. For example the huge server Jim Courier was outdone many times on the grass.

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Keeping the surface perfect is a very tough job, especially if the weather turns inclement. You can bet that the sixteen ground staff members (yes it is only sixteen rising to 28 over the tournament) need to have a good supply of Mountfield Parts and Mountfield Spares to see them through. Maybe a year off will give the old place a much needed rest.