Things to think about when buying a park home

November 25, 2020 4:56 am


Park homes provide an enticing contrast to the traditional retirement bungalow, offering a quiet and secure atmosphere for socialising and a built-in group activities. However, purchasing the first home in the park is subtly different than buying a regular house, with many items to ask about and remember.  A good start is to take a  look at Park homes Wiltshire for some beautiful options.

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Is a house in the park realistic for you?


There are plenty of good aspects about staying at home in the complex, but this kind of change still requires some compromise. Downsizing could mean, for instance, giving up any furniture and some belongings. Would you have done this? Would you like to have your friends stay here? Check the rules, as many limit the time that kids under sixteen will  be able to spend on the site, which could impact your grandkids’ visits.

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Place is everything, actually.

The place where a park house is situated could never be compromised as you will be there for a long time. If you just want to look at homes similar to your existing residence, travel to the seaside or countryside to fulfil a dream or choose a location closer to family members, you need to be sure. Think long-term too – in the summer, an isolated park can be great, but will you get out in the winter to the stores or doctors?


Check out expenses

There would be other fees outside buying the actual park house, and since these differ between places, you need to inquire for them at each spot you look at. How are utilities regulated and paid for for example?