Things to Consider Before you Buy your First Horse

September 1, 2020 4:01 pm


If you have spent your whole life loving horses – from reading Black Beauty again and again as a child to growing up and getting your first place complete with bronze horse sculptures it is likely that one day you want to own a live horse of your own. Before you go ahead and jump in, here is what you may need to know before you take the plunge into horse ownership…

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As exciting as it is, try not to just impulse buy the first one that you come across. It is important that you make sure that you are aware of what you are taking on, and that the person selling the horse is aware it is your first, and that you make sure you have a suitable match. Many horses can be challenging to experienced owners, let alone beginners.

Consider how much time you have – owning a horse is a huge time commitment and if you are often away travelling, or work long hours, it may not be for you, or you may have to pay someone to ensure that the horse is well cared for when you are not there. Horses need a routine so you must follow the same pattern daily as they will become upset and possibly ill if they are not in a routine.

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As well as time, the financial cost of owning a horse can be huge. As well as day to day costs such as food, other items such as riding kit and rugs are needed and you will also need to factor in vets’ bills and farrier costs.