Take a trip to Tir Na Og? You might not want to come back.

November 19, 2020 1:22 pm


One of the most enduring tales of Irish folklore is that of the land of Tir Na Og. This famous tale concerns the fabled land of the Tuath De. This is the land of the Fair Folk such as fairies and a people who remain forever young. They will probably want some nice Mens Aran Sweaters to keep the chill out when they are there. Sadly you and I as mortals are not able to visit as we can only be invited. Here is one such tale.

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The leader of the people called Fianna, Oisin, was fishing by the sea when he saw a great wave coming. He ran to warn the Fianna and told them to prepare for battle. They surged towards the beach and waited with weapons at the ready. The wave turned out to be the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. This was Niamh the daughter of the King of the Sea. The warriors were afraid of her but Oisin introduced himself and they fell in love.

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Riding on her white horse Oisin gave Niamh a tour of the Land. She was bound to return to Tir Na Og and this meant leaving her new beloved. Niamh invited Oisin to come with her and he immediately agreed leaving kith and kin behind him.


The tale does not end well. Oisin becomes immortal and lives happily with Niamh. After a few months he pines for his family and Niamh says he can return on her horse but must not touch the ground. When he returns he finds that decades have passed and his family and people are long gone. He falls from the horse and ages into an old man.