How to Combat Loneliness in Old People

March 27, 2021 4:33 am


The question “How to combat loneliness in old people?” is as timeless as the hills and as profound as the sea. There is no specific or easy answer to this age-old problem of mankind. However, the fact that the problem exists at all points to show that old people are going through a unique condition of their own.

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Loneliness is a symptom of the increasing emptiness of modern times. We have succeeded in creating a world in which there is complete loneliness, where families no longer live together or even in the same town but humans are not meant to live alone. It was through the practice of cooperation and the sharing of basic needs among human communities that made the concept of “loneliness” possible, and we still pursue that contact and community feeling today. For older people who have grown up children that have moved on and perhaps have had their partner die, suddenly finding yourself living alone can be a daunting experience. For information on a Nursing Agency Stroud, visit Take five healthcare

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A number of technological advancements can help us manage loneliness in old people. The availability of videoconferencing, for example, offers old people who live alone the opportunity to socialise with others even when they are thousands of miles away. Audio conference calls allow old people to talk to each other through their computers, thus reducing the feeling of loneliness. And, finally, there are ways that allow old people to mix with others, such as community clubs, age charity schemes and even having a regular carer to spend time with and help with daily activities.