Signs Your Hydraulic System Needs Fixing

April 7, 2021 8:09 am


Signs your hydraulic system needs fixing should not be ignored. For example, the wear and tear on a bearing that has been damaged (either severely or slightly) will continue to increase unless the bearing is fixed. If you ignore this problem, the increased wear and tear will eventually damage the bearing more than it is repairable and the bearing will have to be replaced.

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Another common sign your hydraulic system needs fixing is the buildup of sludge in your system. Sludge is any material that does not flow smoothly and is waste. Some examples of sludge materials include oil, antifreeze, coolant, lubricants, synthetic oils, transmission fluid, etc. When a vehicle is driven, some sludge is eliminated by the lubrication of the engine. However, some sludge, such as that produced by transmission and engine cleaning fluids, remains in the hydraulic system. This sludge acts as an abrasive and hampers the flow of hydraulic fluid, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the system and adding to the maintenance required to keep your hydraulic system in good working order. For a replacement Hydraulic Power Unit, visit Hydra Products

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If you’ve had your hydraulic system for long enough and it has become obvious to you that it may be time to have it fixed, then don’t ignore those signs. Many times people think they can ignore problems in their hydraulic system until they have had to have it fixed, only to find out later that they were wrong. Keep these signs in mind and remember that ignoring these signs could ultimately cost you a lot more than you would save by having your system repaired immediately. Fixing your hydraulic system before it causes you more problems is a much better decision.