How to clean your lawnmower

August 28, 2020 4:45 am


As it gets closer to mowing season, it’s a good idea to make sure your mower is prepped and cleaned for the season ahead. By carrying out basic maintenance, your lawnmower will be happy and healthy for years to come.

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Tip 1: The Engine

A lawnmower can easily get bits of grass and debris stuck, building up around the engine. This causes overheating, engine damage and can reduce the performance of your lawnmower. Over time, you may need to replace your engine. There are online shops for
Briggs and Stratton parts, where you can purchase engine parts and other replacement lawnmower parts, saving you having to buy a whole new machine.

It is important when cleaning the engine to remove the spark plug first and check the engine is cold. Cold water, a brush and some degreaser is all you need. Just remove the engine screen and blower housing, then clean the mower choke, battery terminals and throttle linkages. Your engine should run a lot smoother after cleaning.

Tip 2: The Air Filter

It’s recommended that after three mows, you should clean the air filter paper. If you have a foam pre-filter, clean after 25 hours of running time. You can do this by brushing away any debris, washing it with detergent and leaving it to air dry. The filter is crucial to the performance of your lawnmower, and sometimes it’s best to buy a new one. Shops specialising in Briggs and Stratton parts will be able to help.

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Tip 3: The Blades

Just rinse the blades with water. If pulling out debris, it’s advised to use gloves, and be super careful around the blades! Whilst you’re there, the deck is the enclosed casing where your blades spin. Disconnect the spark wire and empty the fuel tank, then turn the mower on its side and use a hose to wash all the parts.

Tip 4: The Spark Plug

These may just need a clean but can need replacing, Most Briggs and Stratton parts specialists sell replacements, so you should be able to source one easily. To clean, use a wire brush, spray with brake cleaner and let it sit.

Tip 5: The Carburetor

If this is corroded it must be replaced but you can clean any dirt off by soaking all the parts in a carburetor cleaner. It must be entirely dry before re-assembling.