How Do You Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

July 29, 2021 1:41 pm


Garage doors can be quite hard to fix and you’ll want to keep them in good functioning condition to protect what’s inside your garage. That’s why it’s important to maintain it well and prevent any problems from getting too serious. You might have had so many problems with your garage that you’re wondering when it’s time to replace your garage door. I’ll help you assess this with a few tips.

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  1. If there is a lot of damage from wear and tear it is probably time to replace your garage door. This is because it is probably old and past its lifespan. Certain parts of the garage door have a limit of how many times they can be used, such as the springs. This is why it’s important not to ignore signs its past it’s limit of cycles.
  2. If your garage door does not open or close. This is quite an obvious reason to replace your garage door, but some people can be stubborn and think it just needs repairing. If you cannot open or close it though, it is quite serious and can be a safety hazard. It is important that your garage remains closed because burglars could try entering.

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  1. If the garage door has clear damage. If you can see large dents in your garage for example, it is important to get it replaced as this will affect how smoothly it works. It is near impossible to repair this.

Hopefully these tips for knowing when to replace your garage door have helped you decide whether you need a repair or replacement. Either way, I recommend that you contact Garage Door Repairs Watford for help.