How the older man should dress for the winter

December 1, 2020 4:55 am


There is a lot of debate in the scientific world about the state of the Arctic ocean. It appears to be getting warmer and this is resulting in the melting of Ice. It also means that as the Arctic ocean shrinks the Atlantic ocean expands. In Britain, our mild, gloomy and overall wet grey winters are going to be the most common trend. What does the older gentleman wear in such circumstances?

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First of all there is a great place for Older men to get some stylish threads ready for this seasonal change. Some decent footwear is going to be required as it seems that Wellington boots will not as there will be no snow to trudge through. Tommy Bowe Shoes from are your best bet for getting something really excellent to keep the feet snug and protected.

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The older man, like his younger counterpart, should focus on the need to use layers in his wardrobe. Having a few thick to thin jumpers, some thicker cotton trousers and a decent coat is really all that is required. However, what really needs to be considered is the use of a base layer. A thin cotton set of a t-shirt and trousers worn underneath the outer garments will greatly reduce the need for heavy bulky items that have to be lugged about when it warms up a bit.