Five ways to wear chinos

September 6, 2021 3:20 pm


Every man should have a pair of chinos in his wardrobe. This combination of smart trousers and casual material is very versatile, so let’s take a look at five ways to wear them.

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Wear chinos that fit well

The first and most important way to wear chinos is to wear them with confidence. Ensuring your chinos are long enough and cut in a way that flatters your shape is the most important factor.

Chinos with a casual jacket

If you have had enough of wearing jeans and are looking for something a little smarter, chinos are a good bet. Pairing chinos with a jacket follows the same rules as when you are picking a jacket to go with jeans. Mens Tommy Hilfiger jackets are versatile and you will find a wide range of styles to suit every occasion.

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If you are looking for something more casual to go with your new Tommy Hilfiger jacket, go for chinos in a darker shade.

Chinos with a T-shirt

Chinos work perfectly with T-shirts. Pick a pair of chinos in a neutral colour, such as navy or dark grey, to go with most types of T-shirt. Keeping the colour of the chinos neutral will ensure any pattern or print on your T-shirts won’t clash.

If you are a little unsure about how to wear this style, you will find lots of ideas and inspiration online.

Chinos with suit jackets

Along the same lines as pairing chinos with casual jackets, finding the right pair to go with a suit jacket can be very simple. Go for a pair of chinos in the same shade as the jacket for a smarter look, or dress down with contrasting colours for a more casual look. A pair of navy chinos will look fantastic with a suit jacket.

Pick coloured chinos

For a fun look, pick chinos in a bolder colour. This style of trousers looks fantastic in vivid colours and will complement many other items in your wardrobe; for example, a pair of slim-fitting chinos in wine red or emerald green will create a slightly edgy look. In the hot summer sun, cool down in a pair of light-coloured chinos and go for a summer vibe.