What are the Responsibilities of Facilities Management?

April 21, 2021 4:44 pm


These are among the most commonly asked questions by people who work in or around public or private businesses. The basic concept of this field is to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for the employees while they are at work. This includes maintenance of the workplace and the maintenance of sanitary and safe physical plant areas as well. There are various roles that are assigned by the facilities manager and these include the responsibility of managing the budgets of the institution as well as the responsibility of maintaining communication with the clients and other members of the staff.

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Other duties that are included are the management of the inventory as well as the inspection of the inventory and the cleaning of the facilities. Some facilities also deal with the maintenance and repairing of the facilities. Apart from this, the facilities management also ensures that the safety standards of the facility are maintained at all times. For more information on Building Services Manchester, visit Piggott and Whitfield, providers of Building Services Manchester.

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Facilities management must also ensure that the staff are updated on the latest technologies that are being used in the organisation and also on the latest safety procedures that need to be followed in the workplace. The major responsibilities of facilities management involve the maintenance and cleanliness of the institution as well as the cleanliness of the various parts of the institution. These are especially important because the employees working in these places have to interact with the general public and they have to be made aware of the various germs that can cause infections and diseases if proper precautions are not taken.