The stylings of aran sweaters

May 11, 2021 6:54 am


Aran Sweaters is a popular style of sweater that takes its name directly from the Aran islands off the western coast of Ireland. In traditional terms, a traditional Aran sweater is white in color, with large cable designs on the shoulders and sleeves. Many designers have taken this traditional look and modernised it, making Aran sweaters a fashion statement in today’s world. The cable designs are either printed or embroidered, making this sweater a fashionable choice for a number of people. If you want to make your outfit stand out, consider pairing it with a brightly colored tie and/or accessories.

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For those who want a more restrained look, Aran sweaters like the ones from Shamrock Gift are available in a variety of sizes and cuts. From ultra-chic to country, Aran has a sweater for everyone. Aran Sweaters has become very fashionable and many designers offer their own take on this timeless style. The style and design has proved pretty timeless. It was first sown by the women of the Island to protect their menfolk as they fished the wild Atlantic Ocean. The wool also had water resistant properties making them perfect.

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Another great thing about Aran sweaters is how comfortable they are. Unlike many other types of designer clothing, an Aran sweater is made of a breathable wollen material that allows perspiration to evaporate while keeping you dry.