The growth of Amazon, the company

June 16, 2022 4:25 am


One day a successful market trader decided that he had had enough of the money game. It was time to move on to something different. He would sell books and he would do it online and from a garage in Seattle, Washington state. It was a comedown from his high street high life but he was happy. It soon became apparent that using the online method of selling was also suited to other things. The man was Jeff Bezos and whilst he might have needed the service of a Garage Doors Bristol based company like to make sure that the garage was suitable to store books in, its nothing compared to the vast Doppler building the company is based in now.

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How did Amazon rise from an online book retailer to a massive, multi-million-pound organisation that sells everything, produces groundbreaking tv shows and films plus publishes its own music label? The answer is determination and luck in equal measure. Plus, Amazon has become the answer to everything. During the current lockdown, they were a lifeline for goods that cemented them firmly in the public consciousness as the place to go to get something first.

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It has shown terrific skill at occupying niche’s in the market before they even become niches. For example, why would a bookseller launch an electronic book reader stroke tablet like the Kindle and Kindle Fire? Amazon did, and it soon became a massive rival to the more expensive iPad, but also simpler to navigate. Want to speed up your delivery times? Amazon moved into direct delivery and launched a subscription service in the shape of  Amazon Prime. There is access to a huge amount of free films and television programs and you can get your items to come the next day or even the same day. They have even mooted the idea of using drones to deliver products within a few hours.

The simple answer to the success of Amazon is that it follows a simple adage, they give the customer what it wants. For example, the Echo remembers your shopping lists and what you’ve listened to before so that it builds up a profile of you and your family. It’s been accused of storing too much data and using active advertising to try and sell items that someone may not need. It’s also good at pointing out what others have bought, and therefore so should you.